Coal Loaders, Inc. is a leading coal surface mining company in Western Pennsylvania.

We are in the business of mining and preparing bituminous coal. Our coal, sold by our sales agent, Unionvale Coal Company, is predominantly used in electric utility, coking, and industrial applications. We also mine and crush limestone and sandstone incurred during the mining projects.

Coal Loaders takes pride in its environmental achievements. In fact, we have received National and State Awards which applaud our outstanding reclamation and long-term improvements to the land. We are especially proud of our many reclamation projects which involve the rehabilitation of abandoned coal mines. After obtaining the necessary permits and leases, we excavate the surface and recover the remaining coal that has been left in the mine and fully reclaim the area by grading, seeding, mulching, and planting trees. In doing so, we improve the water quality and vastly enhance the appearance of the land, which in turn increases both its value and usability. Land that had been left with abandoned high walls and riddled with sinkholes and other subsidence features, emerge as beautiful fields, and pasture land or even home sites.

Whether producing coal on a reclamation project or a regular surface mining project, we efficiently remove the coal and conscientiously reclaim the land to meet or exceed the expectations and specifications of the landowner and the Department of Environmental Protection.